Circus Show Hire; Performers Acts Artists
Small Circus Shows and Circus Acts at Events in the Uk and Worldwide
Circus Show Hire; Performers Acts Artists

Circus show hire; If you are looking for Circus Entertainment at your next event look no further!

Bigtopmania provides  circus show hire suitable for family entertainment at all kinds of events in the UK and Euprope including; festivals, schools, galas, town and counrty shows, private parties and jamborees.

Shows take place in their own
250-350 Seater Circus Show Tent or in an indoor stage location or even in an outdoor circus ring  that they can provide.

All equipment is provided, the show is self contained and can be as big or as small as your event requirements dictate. They are very happy to arrange shows specifically for your audience and  your budget.

They do not operate as a touring self-promote show viz typical traditional touring circus show. Instead They create shows for you.

Circus Show Hire

Circus Show Content

Human / Animal

The Circus Show is all Human and we do not have any animal content.

They work at many events featuring domestic animals on their bill; eg horse acts, dog acts birds of prey and these acts can be very complimentary to a circus performace. Some small domestic animal acts would fit into our tent if required.

The show is normally aimed at families and is thus clean and suitable children.
They are able to tailor acts to be more adult where appropriate and do acts at more grown up events too


Circus Performers, Acts and Artists

Performance content and specific performers, acts  and artists vary from show to show but you may expect to see; (with a few examples highlighted as sample acts.)

Circus Show Contacts

For more information contact Pete on +44(0)844 58 999 53 or

Bigtopmania for more information about their Circus Show Hire available and Circus shows for hire at events in the UK.

Circus Show Hire; Performers Acts Artists
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